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Minnie Mouse is a 23 years young Belgian jewelry designer. Besides jewelry, she is interested in many art forms like drawing and photography. She finished her bachelor in Visual Arts, specialized in Drawing and printing, at Sint Lucas Gent. After this 3 years of studying, she decided to follow her other passion: creating jewelry. In 2013-2014 she studied Goldsmithing at Syntra Brussels. Now she studies casting at 'Institut de la parure et bijouterie' in Brussels.

My favorite subjects are nature and Disneyland Paris . In everything I do, you can see my fascination for the dead and the obscure. I want to catch the ephemerality. Life changes, nature is a cyclus. We live and we die. So does nature. We are nothing but a fraction of it. I want to take a little fraction of it, like a flower, or a remnant of an animal and give it an eternal life, by casting it in silver, or imitating nature by creating my own flowers. It's a form of rebirth. In my photography I want to capture the temporary state something is in. I want to catch dead moments, to give them an eternal life. This is my way to control the world, which can't be controlled at all. That is what art and design mean to me. It's making something possible that is impossible in nature. That is where the word artificial comes from. It's not real. It does not exsist in nature, and never will. Only humans can create it. Nature is mortal. Art and design can make something immortal.